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Moving into a new home can be a fun and exciting time in your life. It should be filled with possibilities and the anticipation of settling into a new place and a new home. However, it can also be a stressful experience. Aside from the many things you have to pack and helping your family adjust to the whole experience, you also need to take care of hiring a reliable and competent moving company to help you transport your things. Check the estimates in our website and see why we offer the most affordable rates among the moving companies in Lincoln, NE.

Take Measurements for Moving Day

Door measurements and room measurements are important when you are moving. Taking note of these things will allow you to determine where your belongings will go. Taking accurate measurements for your appliances will enable you to put them in the most suitable spaces in your new home. Taking stock of the furnishings and appliances you want to set up in a room and considering your floor plan will ensure that everything you need will fit in their appointed space. Your friends and family might also bring wonderful housewarming gifts or home furnishings. It would be a shame not to have more space because you were not able to properly plan your home design when you rushed into moving. The worst predicament to be in is not being able to get furnishings through the doors of your home.

Setting Up Security Measures in Your New Home Before the Actual Moving Day

Before you move in, it is a good idea to have an alarm system installed. You are bringing in valuables and large ticket items that you do not want to lose in a burglary. If a burglar happens to pass by your new property and sees you moving into your new space, you will become a prime target for criminal activity. They will assume that you do not have a home security system in place yet. This is why it is essential to mount a serviceable burglar alarm before you actually move in.

Measuring the windows in your new place is also necessary so that you can put up curtains or blinds before you move in. This way you will have as much privacy as possible when you are arranging your things. It will also make you feel more secure in your new house. You will be more comfortable hanging curtains in your bathrooms and bedrooms before you arrive for moving day.

Dispose of Things You Do Not Need

When you are organizing the things you want to take with you when you move, you need to dispose of things that you do not really need. This way, you have more space in your new home environment. You can also make room for furnishings and home-warming presents you receive from friends and family. Discarding rarely used items in your old house will save you money and trouble when you are in the process of packing your belongings.

One great way to do this is to set up a garage sale. Things that are beyond repair can be thrown out and things that you think other people will want to buy can be set up in your yard for selling. It is also helpful to give away unsold merchandise to charities. This will help you trim down your belongings and make your moving packing and moving experience more convenient.

Be Innovative in using Packing Materials

When it is time for you to start packing, you can buy boxes, packing tape and other materials from professional movers, the hardware store or from other resources. But if you do not want to spend money, you can simply ask for discarded boxes from your local supermarket, or office supply stores. The boxes they have in their warehouse are even sturdier than the ones you can get from other sources. Most of the boxes they discard are also large which makes them ideal for packing. Buying bubble wrap for your valuables and for fragile materials is also important. It never hurts to be careful and you will have no regrets when everything is moved to your new home intact and secure. If you do not want to buy bubble wrap, you can use old newspapers which is a good way to recycle unnecessary documents and files that contain no personal information.

Professional movers also offer packing and moving kits that include color-coded labels for your boxes and a pre-designed checklist for the items you are transporting. The colored labels and item checklist you place in your boxes can match the labels you set up in your new home. If you use these materials in packing your possessions, you and the moving experts you hire will have an easy time placing boxes in the proper room or location.

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